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Join Us as we Unveil our 7th Piano in Ashford Park in Brookhaven, Sunday, June 4th at 1:30pm!

The Brookhaven City Council approved this awesome design by Doug Smith of Midtown International School and the MIS Arts Department has been bringing Doug's vision to life over the last couple of months.  We're ready to unveil "Aragon" to the community with a ribbon cutting ceremony, so we hope to see you there ready to play (or listen to) a song or two!

 If you thought this event was scheduled for May 21st, you're right.  We moved the date due to the thunderstorms in the forecast.  So we'll so on June 4th instead!

Play Me Again Pianos is Coming to the Egg Harbor Cafe

We're pleased to announce that we've started the artist search for a piano at the Egg Harbor Cafe in East Cobb.  As you probably know, the food and the service at the Egg Harbor Cafe are both wonderful.  And for those times when you may need to wait a few minutes for your table, you'll be able to play a little ditty on the piano in front of the restaurant -- or you can listen as someone else plays 'Chopsticks', or Beethoven's 'Fur Elise', Mozart's 'Alla Turca', or perhaps 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'.  We can't predict what the song will be, but we CAN predict there will be lots of smiles to go around.  Watch the progress through updates on our Facebook Page as the design comes to life!  And if YOU'RE an artist and you want to submit a design, there's a sign up form on our Volunteer page.

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Kent nulty, director of artscape!

Kent nulty, director of artscape!

Kent Nulty and ARTSCAPE! Will Be Painting a Piano For East Cobb Park

Kent Nulty was born to create.  At the age of four, she wanted to be an artist.  Her love of art and the outdoors have always been a passion, so you won't be surprised to learn that Kent is the Director of ARTSCAPE!, where she teaches art techniques and art history appreciation to children in an outdoor setting.  For seven years, ARTSCAPE! classes, workshops and camps have been growing at East Cobb Park.

We're excited to welcome Kent and ARTSCAPE! into the Play Me Again Pianos family.  And if your kiddos are signed up for an ARTSCAPE! Camp this summer, there's a chance they might have a hand in painting the piano as well!

Public Pianos Help Make Great Neighborhoods

We came across this lovely scene as we went to play with and check on 'Janssen' in Chastain Park.  It was a beautiful day with lots of kids at the playground. So, as usual, there was a constant stream of action at the piano. Look at this picture of grandparents with their granddaughter. The scene was as wonderful as you can imagine it could be. We love the joy that public pianos bring to our community!