at Webb Bridge Park in Alpharetta


Artist :  Leilani Saxon

Piano Donor:  Paige Deibler

Location:  Webb Bridge Park in Alpharetta

Find and play Barry under the pavilion at the playground.



Barry's story will be coming soon.  In the meantime, here's his press release.

Play Me Again Pianos unveils public piano in Webb Bridge Park
Neighborhood pianos create music and community

ALPHARETTA, Ga.– Play Me Again Pianos, a nonprofit aspiring to make metro Atlanta more musical through 88 public piano installations, will cut the ribbon on its newest donated piano Sunday, Aug. 5 at 3 p.m. in Webb Bridge Park. The event is free and open to the public, and anyone is encouraged to play the piano, named “Barry,” after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“We are thrilled by our partnership with the City of Alpharetta and Arts Alpharetta,” said Jason Brett, Play Me Again Pianos president and co-founder. “Barry is the fourth piano we’ve placed in an Alpharetta park and we’re honored to see the Alpharetta community embracing this musical movement. The connection between the city and the arts community is truly powerful.”

The eventual 88 pianos represent the 88 keys on the piano. Barry is the 18th piano installed overall, and joins Flannery, Oscar and Morgan as neighborhood pianos in the Alpharetta community. Paige Diebler donated the piano and local artist Leilani Saxon designed and painted it.

“In our ongoing effort to provide an infusion of art and music to the citizens of Alpharetta, we are thrilled to have yet another talented artist, Leilani Saxon, show off her skills in the fourth installation of the City of Alpharetta’s street piano collection, Barry,” said Morgan Rodgers, department director, City of Alpharetta Recreation, Parks and Cultural Services.

Barry’s new name came with a heroic makeover. Saxon designed and painted a superhero theme, “The Flash,” hence the shared name with Barry Allen.“I love the idea of bringing old pianos back to life!” Saxon said. “I figured if the piano was going into a park, I wanted to do something I thought the kids would love, and my family has been watching ‘The Flash’ series since the beginning. We love the Flash!”

The piano will live permanently in its new Webb Bridge Park home under a pavilion near the playground, as both a visual and euphonic piece of art in the park. With the increasing rarity of home pianos, public access to the instruments enriches the entire community. For more information about the volunteer opportunities and the impact of Play Me Again Pianos, visit www.PlayMeAgainPianos.org.

Barry's Birthdate:  August 5th, 2018
Installation #18


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