at Serenbe

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Design:  Megan Schaeffer

Artists:  Serenbe Art Farm Community

Piano Donor:  Tamara Schwartz

Location:  Serenbe

Find and play Ida on the porch at Grange Hall.


We're happy to announce our partnership with the Art Farm at Serenbe to bring a donated piano named "Ida" to the porch outside Grange Hall in the Serenbe neighborhood. 

Designed by Megan Schaeffer, Art Farm Director at Serenbe, Ida was painted by Serenbe community volunteers during their May Day Festival, a celebration of arts and culture. The atmosphere couldn’t have been more perfect with visual and performing artists strolling throughout the community sharing their work and whimsy.

"The Play Me Again Pianos mission is right up my alley,” said Megan Schaeffer, the Art Farm Director at Serenbe. “My family owns a small piano store in the Washington, DC area, opened in 1901 by my Great Grandfather and currently run by my Dad. Merging community and love of pianos is in my blood! Serenbe is such a welcoming environment for creative endeavors of all sorts, and when I proposed this project I was met with total support. Working in the arts here is one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had for this very reason."

Serenbe resident Tamara Schwartz, donated her beloved piano for this project. The name, however, was inspired by the piano’s original owner, Schwartz’s grandmother.  In 1917, Ida Platsky was two years old when her father finally sent money back to Russia to bring his wife and young daughter to their new home in the United States. Ida eventually married an artist and settled down in Pennsylvania's coal country.  While her husband Louis made a living painting basic colors on exteriors of other people's houses, he spent his leisure time painting beautiful landscapes on walls and canvases inside his own home. Money was tight, but Ida squirreled away what she could until she was able to buy a Cable Nelson upright piano in 1963.  It became her pride and joy; the centerpiece of the home where family and friends gathered to sing boisterously at any festive occasion. The piano also comforted Ida in tougher times, playing sentimental songs about the loved ones lost along the way.

About Serenbe
Serenbe is a wellness community connected to nature on the edge of Atlanta. A neighborhood full of fresh food, fresh air and focused on wellbeing. This community is set among acres of preserved forests and meadows with miles of nature trails that connect homes and restaurants with arts and businesses. Serenbe’s architectural planning sets a new standard for community living.  For more information, visit Serenbe.com.

About the Art Farm at Serenbe
The Art Farm is an art complex that provides a place to bring people together in support of the arts, with the belief that art in everyday life can create a greater understanding of the world. Art Farm's vision is to be a nationally recognized arts champion and forum for cultural dialogue by creating a vibrant community of creative facilities & artist workspaces alongside the units of The Serenbe Institute of Art, Culture & the Environment. These spaces provide a serene, stimulating environment for engaging with the arts, located on 40+ acres directly next to the Serenbe community.  For more information, visit ArtFarmAtSerenbe.com.

Ida's Birthdate:  June 16th, 2018
Installation #15

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