under "harmony's" fallboard, painted by Max lebven, placed at colony square.

 under "harmony's" fallboard, painted by Max lebven, placed at colony square.

The First 88:
Our Visionaries

These people -- these first 88 visionaries -- helped get Play Me Again Pianos off the ground with support in many forms, their precious time, or discounted services, or donations or championing our cause.  We can't thank you enough.

Terry Tomasello
Andy Bauman
Rosa McHugh
Sergey Cherep
Holly Quigley, Quigley Piano Technical Services
Greg Lawrence, New Song Piano Rebuilders
Rick Schaff
The Meinzen Family
The Lamps Family
Kay Kijewski
Donna Court
Gary Sayers
Dan Israel
Travis Kelley
Jay Henderson
Ed and Karen Ness
Todd Jones
Bill Morris
Carl Muller
David Mustard
Michael Staley
Tisa Moore

Theresa Dean, Courtney Denis,
    Springmont Students and Alumni

Liam Agans and The Agans Family
Bill Adams, Piano Distributors
Carla (Toro) Cox and Angelica Flanagan,
  North American Properties
The Vales Family
Nico Brett
The Pinotti Family

Max Lebven
Dale and Patti Grieg
Jim Morton
Orlando Benitez
Caleb Martin
Bill and Melinda Nussey
Alex Sherman
Brian Crosby
Greg Goldstein
Kimberly Openo

Elizabeth Hodges
Alan Mothner, Dunwoody Nature Center
Clare Callahan, Spruill Center for the Arts
Kelly Thames Mauldin
Tom and Carol Kilroy
Marc Siegel
Christia Nastasi
Dan Thompson
Stumpy and Camilla Tomberlin
Skip and Susan Butler
Linda Smith
Dave Garrett
John Joseph Hamma
Kent Nulty, ARTSCAPE!, and the Nulty Family
Jodie Gilfillan, Director Chamblee Parks and
    Recreation Department

Brian Crowe
Mayor Eric Clarkson
Brian Borden, Director Brookhaven Parks and
    Recreation Department

Doug Smith, Sherilyn Taylor, Midtown
  International School Arts Dept. and Students
Joe Seidel
Aleigha Reott
Tom Bills
Friends for the East Cobb Park

Tim and Therese Braman
Eric Schmissrauter
Robert and Lori Ragan
Mary Thomas
Brandi Levy
Derrick Brown and Sheyda Mehrara,
Ponce City Market
Barbara Garrett and Amy Hord,
 Atlantic Station-Hines
Bert Skellie
Jon Ritt
Sandra Bennett
Kristin Hathaway
Michael Pierini, Egg Harbor Cafe

Jeanne Moorman
Shelli Jenkins
Nora Maccaro and Glenn Sheeley
Angela Decker Lockman and East Cobb
   Middle School Art Students
Morgan Rodgers
Wendi Schutt
Sandy Barth
Ben Hollingsworth
Exa and William Grubb
Paige Deibler
Dave Durst
Beverly and Eugene Decker
Leilani Saxon