Our Story

In 2013, our family took a trip to the Europe.  Our son (age seven at the time) plays piano and made a commitment to practice "every day he eats.”  His practice streak was well over 700 consecutive days at that point, so we found ourselves trying to find pianos on our route so that he could keep his streak intact.

We discovered that an artist from the UK had, in years past, co-ordinated a temporary art installation of street pianos in London.  After the successful event, two pianos that were set up indoors (in St. Pancras Railway Station) were left for anyone to play.  It was thanks to these public pianos that our son was able to find a place to practice every day.

We arrived in Paris just as the very same public piano event was being launched.  We toured the city with our son playing every piano we could find (see video).  It was an adventure that we'll never forget, and we found ourselves thinking how great it would be if we could have street pianos in Georgia!

So we returned home and reached out to the organization that coordinated the events in London and Paris and learned that they were not planning to bring it to Atlanta.

That was when we decided that we should take on this mission ourselves, but it wouldn't be for a limited time.  Rather than a temporary exhibit, we wanted to make it "permanent".  We would bring 88 pianos, freely available year round, to enrich and strengthen the Atlanta Metro community, inspire inspire joy and bring people together through shared encounters with public music and art.

Play Me Again Pianos continues to be a labor of love.  And, yes, our son still practices piano "every day he eats"!

This is a video clip our 7 year old boy practicing piano "every day he eats" on the streets of Paris while on vacation.