at Wills Park Equestrian Center in Alpharetta

Morgan by Clark Savage copy.jpg

Artist :  Sandra Barth

Piano Donor:  Jeanne Moorman

Location:  Wills Park Equestrian Center in Alpharetta

Find and play Morgan in the center of the food pavilion.


Morgan’s Story

Morgan was painted with a stunning equestrian theme by Sandra Barth.  “With all its different angles, curves and irregular shapes, pianos present quite the challenge to a painter,” said Sandy. I’ve really enjoyed working on this beautiful instrument and hope to honor Lautrec, Degas and other artists who have loved horses through the ages. Many thanks to Jeanne Moorman for generously donating her piano to be enjoyed at such a wonderful location over the coming months and years.”

Sandy grew up in the midwest with a deep love for horses and art. Her school papers were often illustrated with horse drawings in the margins and her fondest memories were visits to her grandparent’s home—close to pastures of small urban farms. 

Sandy often visits horse shows, breeding farms and race tracks (a favorite being Keeneland in Lexington, KY) for inspiration. How lucky are we -- and Alpharetta -- that she painted the piano for the equestrian center!  

There was a dual motivation for naming the piano ’Morgan’. Morgan was the breed of ‘King Bubba’, a favorite horse Barth once owned. Additionally, the name is a nod to Morgan Rodgers, the Department Director of the City of Alpharetta Recreation and Parks who reached out to Play Me Again PIanos with the vision to bring public pianos to the parks of Alpharetta.

“Our city’s artists have outdone themselves again,” said Rodgers. The City of Alpharetta’s third public piano installation, ‘Morgan’, is a perfect masterpiece to live in our city’s equestrian center.”

About Sandra Barth
Sandy Barth grew up in the Midwest with a deep love for horses and art, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Post graduation, she has also studied sculpture, drawing and painting at Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association, The Studio at Long Grove, Spruill Art Center and others. Ms. Barth has exhibited at Art on the Green (Franklin, MI), The Scarab Club (Detroit) and several galleries in metro Atlanta. Her primary mediums are pastel, oil, acrylic and clay. A number of Sandy’s works are now in private collections. Sandy Barth is also very active with ArtsAlpharetta.org.

About Wills Park Equestrian Center
Part of the 110 acre multi-use park, Wills Park Equestrian Center is located on 50 rolling acres of fields and woods. From horse shows and rodeos, to dog shows; the Equestrian Center is the heart of Wills Park hosting a variety of events throughout the year. For more information, visit WillsPark.com and AwesomeAlpharetta.com.

About The City of Alpharetta
Alpharetta is home to more than 65,000 residents and sees its population swell to more than 100,000 each workday. Alpharetta is now Georgia’s 12th most populous city, boasts some of the best schools in the United States, and is known far and wide as the Technology City of the South due to the over 600 tech-focused companies that call Alpharetta home.

Yet, while the community now has the trappings and success of a metropolitan city, Alpharetta remains known for its sense of community; an ideal environment for raising families, making friends, and enjoying a quality of life that is second to none.  For more information visit Alpharetta.GA.US.

Morgan's Birthdate: July 15th, 2018
Installation #17

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