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Beth hodges (piano donor) and theresa dean (piano artists) cutting the ribbon as "cornelius" is introduced to ponce city market.

Beth hodges (piano donor) and theresa dean (piano artists) cutting the ribbon as "cornelius" is introduced to ponce city market.

"Cornelius" Makes His Debut at Ponce City Market

Inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian, artist Theresa Dean designed our 9th piano.  You can find and play Cornelius on the 3rd level of Ponce City Market near the Bike Valet just off the BeltLine.  The bold geometric design is perfect for the space.

We love the unique community that is developing in and around Ponce.  There's a special atmosphere that draws people together and makes them feel welcomed.  Ponce City Market is the perfect place to showcase how magical an unexpected encounter with public music and art can be.

It's "Sunny" In East Cobb Park This Summer

Thanks to all who attended Sunny's ribbon cutting on July 22nd, the turnout was amazing.  Kent Nulty, Creative Director of  ARTSCAPE! and her 2017 Summer Campers cut the ribbon along with one of the piano donors, Carol Kilroy.  We had representation from the Friends for the East Cobb Park as well, who provided a Kona Shaved Ice truck for the event --which was definitely well received on the hot and humid morning.  We were also lucky enough to have Sunny Walker attend.  Sunny Walker is one of the early visionaries for the East Cobb Park, as well as the inspiration for the name of the piano.

Check out our Facebook Page to listen as several people join in and sing with a passerby who sat down to play Happy Birthday to Sunny (the piano), which is just the sort of thing we encourage!

Among our favorite comments, was how lovely the piano sounded throughout the park below.  Sunny will remain in the Upper Pavilion for all to play and enjoy.

SUNNY's Ribbon Cutting on July 22ND

SUNNY's Ribbon Cutting on July 22ND

Aragon's ribbon cutting on June 4th

Aragon's ribbon cutting on June 4th

Aragon, our 7th public piano, is now open and free to the public to play and enjoy in Ashford Park

A big thank you to everyone who braved the rain to come out to Aragon's ribbon cutting.  We'll be back soon so we can experience the neighborhood's reaction now that the piano has been revealed!

Pictured to the left are the piano donors, Camilla and Don Tomberlin, Play Me Again Pianos co-founder Jason Brett, Midtown International School Art Instructor Sherilyn Taylor (contributing artist for Aragon), Brookhaven Councilman Bates Mattison,  and Midtown International School Art Instructor (and designer of Aragon) Doug Smith.

Public Pianos Help Make Great Neighborhoods

We came across this lovely scene as we went to play with and check on 'Janssen' in Chastain Park.  It was a beautiful day with lots of kids at the playground. So, as usual, there was a constant stream of action at the piano. Look at this picture of grandparents with their granddaughter. The scene was as wonderful as you can imagine it could be. We love the joy that public pianos bring to our community!

Please Consider Donating

While our pianos are free to the public, they are not free for us to install and maintain.  We are a small charity, and every single dollar helps.  So, please, lend your support by making a contribution today.

Our Next Financial Goal

We've been offered a retail storefront for $500 a month to use for a warehouse.  It's important to get warehouse space to hold and paint pianos.  It will give more artists a chance to participate who don't have studio space of their own.  Also, it will cut our pianos moves down from an average of 3 moves per piano (donor to us, us to artist, artist to host location) to 2 moves per piano.  $6000 would give us space for a year.

We're a registered 501(c)(3) charity and contributions are fully tax deductible.


Pianos Coming Soon

Atlantic Station
Egg Harbor Cafe in East Cobb
Peachtree Street Station (Amtrak)

Cogburn Rd Park in Alpharetta
Alpharetta Equestrian Center in Wills Park


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