"Sunny" at East Cobb Park

Artist :  Kent Nulty

Contributing Artists:   2017 ARTSCAPE! Summer Campers

Piano Donors:  Tom and Carol Kilroy

Location:  East Cobb Park

Find and play Sunny in the Upper Pavilion near the maintenance building.


When we approached the creative director of ARTSCAPE! to see if she wanted to paint a piano for us, we didn't realize it would launch the whirlwind that is Kent Nulty!  A strong advocate for our project, she personally paved the way for the approval of a public piano in East Cobb Park.

Then Kent guided her summer campers -- from four separate art camps -- through their own concepts, the designing process, and then painting the piano itself.  The kids chose to have the piano reflect the park, from critters and flowers to the river that runs across the top and the waterfall down the sides.

“I’ve been truly inspired by the ARTSCAPE! artists this summer,” said Kent.  “Their brainstorming sessions, ideas and creative expressions can be seen throughout the entire piano.  I was proud that they worked as a design team even though some had never met before.  Every artist was very excited to be a part of this project.”

Kent's personal artistic contribution can be seen in two specific areas.  You should be able to spot eight birds on the back of the piano -- eight because Sunny is the eighth piano we've placed.  In addition, there's a self-portrait of Kent, in shadow, on the bench.  It's of herself swinging as a child.   :)

The name for the piano was inspired by Sunny Walker.  She was the second president of the Friends for the East Cobb park, but more importantly, she was one of the visionary founders.  We were lucky enough to have Sunny Walker herself attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the piano and were so pleased to be able to honor her vision by naming the piano after her. 

The current president of the Friends for the East Cobb Park, Amy Phillips, said, “We are very excited that our park has been selected to receive a piano from Play Me Again Pianos.  Our patrons will be able to enjoy a peaceful stroll through our beautiful park while music rings across the grounds.”

Amy Phillips couldn't have been more on target.  With the placement of Sunny overlooking most of East Cobb Park,  you'll be amazed at the sound throughout the property as she's being played.

We often think of how amazing it will be for the children who live nearby and play in East Cobb Park to know that they helped to design and paint the public piano in their very own neighborhood.  Bringing people together through shared encounters with public music and art is what we’re all about, and we’re thrilled to make that connection here with this truly public piano.

About Kent Nulty and ARTSCAPE!

Local artist, Kent Nulty, was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia ready to create.  At the age of four she already wanted to be an artist. On a four-year art scholarship Kent graduated with a BA in graphic design from Notre Dame of Maryland University which laid the groundwork for her career as a graphic designer in the corporate marketing and advertising world.

But her love of art and the outdoors have always been a passion, and in 2009 Kent received a grant from the Georgia Grassroots Arts Program enabling her to found ARTSCAPE!.  As the Creative Director she teaches art techniques and art history appreciation to children in an outdoor setting.  Natural partners, ARTSCAPE! and Friends for the East Cobb Park have been working together the past several years to offer classes, workshops and camps at East Cobb Park in Marietta.  For more information, visit artscapeatlanta.com.

About the Friends for the East Cobb Park

In 1998, a group of individuals associated with the East Cobb Area Council of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce joined together to form the non-profit Friends for the East Cobb Park.  Their unifying vision was to create a passive park that would serve as a community gathering place. Their goal was to raise funds sufficient to purchase an appropriate property and deed it to Cobb County who would develop and maintain the park.

Working as a team, Cobb County and Friends for the East Cobb Park funded the professional design of the park, which includes open grass fields, walking trails, stream overlooks, a “destination” playground, picnic pavilions, an outdoor classroom and an outdoor stage.

East Cobb Park was dedicated in 2003.  It was an immediate success in the community, and has surpassed both Cobb County’s and the Friends’ greatest expectations for attendance and public satisfaction.  Today, with the financial support from the community, the Friends continue to improve and enhance the park so that it will be enjoyed for many years to come.  For more information, visit EastCobbPark.org.

Sunny's Birthdate:  July 22nd, 2017
Installation #8

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