The Public Piano Experience

The People's Piano

You can see how a street piano in Herne Hill (South England) became the "heart" of a community by watching the following short documentary, "The People's Piano."  At only about seven minutes long, it's well worth your while.  Enjoy!

Melbourne, Austrailia

"Play Me, I'm Yours" was a very successful public engagement arts project.  Its reach was both broad and profound.  Complete strangers spontaneously came together to play music, sing or listen.  Through the simple gift of donated pianos, hundreds of thousands of people around Melbourne shared a strong sense of connection and community.

Flower Piano
San Francisco Botanical Garden

Flower Piano was quite possibly the world's first interactive music festival.  Twelve Pianos were placed in the Botanical Garden for everyone to play, and world class musicians and brilliant local players gave intimate concerts as well. The event broke 75 years of attendance records for the Garden, and was a huge success.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

A fishmonger by day and pianist by night,  a city resident reflects on his music, and how playing a public piano has made him feel more connected to people on the seawall he would otherwise pass by.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Keys for the City

This documentary was a senior project for a student in the Electronic Media and Film program at Towson University.


CBS Sunday Morning

Featuring the street pianos in London, England installed by Luke Jerram as part of 'Play Me, I'm Yours'.

Bristol, England, UK

A film by Benjie Croce featuring street pianos installed by Luke Jerram as part of 'Play Me, I'm Yours'.

We Left a Piano on a Street Corner.  Here's What Happened.

We (SoulPancake) put a piano on a street corner with holiday sheet music, and waited to see what would happen. The result: some incredible moments of holiday cheer as strangers played music and sang together.