"Tommy" at Egg Harbor Cafe in East Cobb

Artist :  Angela Lockman

Contributing Artists:  Cate McCoy and Aubrey Ward of East Cobb Middle School

Piano Donation:  Norman, Kristin, Zoe, Dylan and Ellis Hansen

Location:  East Harbor Cafe in East Cobb

Find and play Tommy by the front door of the restaurant.


Tommy was a joyful process every step of the way.  When speaking with the General Manger of the Georgia Egg Harbor Cafe locations, it was clear he 'got it' right from the first conversation.  He truly understood the impact one of our pianos could have at their restaurants.

It took awhile to find the right artist, but the outcome was well worth the wait.  Angela Decker Lockman tailored her design to fit the location like none other in our portfolio.

“My vision was to translate what we love about our area onto eggs that cover the piano,” said Angela.  There are 16 eggs that encompass fun places to visit, our sports teams, and even the lyrics to our state song, ‘Georgia On My Mind’.  Then as a nod to our host, we also incorporated two brightly colored roosters and the Egg Harbor Cafe logo.”

A Visual Arts educator, her students Cate McCoy and Aubrey Ward of East Cobb Middle school lended a hand.

Here's a list of all the eggs painted on the piano:
1) Egg Harbor Cafe logo (on the bench)
2) Artistic rooster 1
3) Artistic rooster 2
4) Georgia License plate "EGG HRBR"
5) American flag
6) Cobb County with "East Cobb" written across
7) Marietta Square and fountain
8) Atlanta Falcons/Atlanta United/Atlanta Hawks
9) Atlanta Braves baseball egg
10) Chattahoochee River and Sope Creek
11) Atlanta Skyline
12) "Georgia on My Mind" song lyrics
13) Georgia State Flower Cherokee Rose
14) The Fox Theater
15) I-75 Sign
16) I-285 Sign

You might wonder why we named the piano "Tommy."  Usually there's a story behind the names we select for our pianos, and "Tommy" is no exception.  The Egg Harbor Cafe is a family owned and operated enterprise in every sense of the word, and each family member has an item named after them on the menu -- all except the newest member of the family.  So we rectified the situation by bestowing the piano with his name, and we were quite honored when young Tommy was at the ribbon cutting ceremony when we unveiled his namesake!

About Angela Decker Lockman
Originally from Burke, Virginia, Angela earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education at Virginia Commonwealth University.  After beginning her career teaching Visual Arts in the Prince William County School System, she moved to Marietta, Georgia.

Having first taught Visual Arts at Tapp Middle School, Angela is currently in her ninth year at East Cobb Middle School.  While at East Cobb, she was named the 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year, and later, the 2016-2017 Middle School Art Specialist of the Year for the Cobb County School District.  Now in her 19th year of teaching, for Angela, Art is not only vital, but she finds it incredibly therapeutic to go through the creative process for both her and her middle school students.  Angela believes that, “Everyone’s an artist!”  For more information, follow her on twitter at @ECMSArtDept.

About Egg Harbor Cafe
Egg Harbor Café is a restaurant specializing in gourmet breakfast and lunch creations served from 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily, in a warm, charming, country setting with fast, friendly and efficient service.  With 20 locations and in our third generation as a family-owned business, Egg Harbor Café reaches a wide range of wonderful customers.  Owners John Wright and Mike and Aimee Farrell believe that Egg Harbor´s regular customers are the glue that holds us together.  As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves in being an extended family to a great number of people, both employees and customers, and in our restaurants´ active involvement in their local communities.  For more information visit EggHarborCafe.com.

Tommy's Birthdate:  November 4th, 2017
Installation #12




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