It Was Janssen's 1st Birthday on March 19th!

Janssen was the very first pubic piano we placed.  You can find him under the Pavilion at the Chastain Park Playground.  It's been a great location, he's played constantly!  Janssen was painted by Sergey Cherep and is a stunning piece of art.

It was also the one year anniversary of the newly refurbished awesome playground which opened to the public on the same day that we cut the ribbon on Janssen so there was lots to celebrate.

As Janssen's first birthday was approaching we met with the Chastain Park Conservancy to check-in and see if they were happy hosting the piano and we were pleased to hear their heartwarming stories that revolved around it.  So, YES, they love having Janssen there.  And he's freshly tuned -- waiting for YOU!